How The Self-Employed Hire

Geography: United States Research Source: Pew Research Center —Date: November 2015 —Findings: 28% of self  employed men are likely to hire paid employees compared to 16% of self employed women. 38% of self-employed women limited their paid work to part-time for noneconomic reasons, compared with 17% of men. 41% of self employed workers with incorporated businesses had at least […]

From Corporate To Freelance

Geography: United States Research Source: Edelman Berland —Date: October 2015 —Findings: 60% of freelancers said they started more by choice, up 7 percentage points from last year. 50% of freelancers say they would not quit freelancing and take a traditional job with an employer — no matter how much it paid. 23% of freelancers said they quit a job […]

Best Days Are Ahead For Freelancing

Geography: United States Research Source: Edelman Berland —Date: October 2015 —Findings: 46% of respondents say they freelance in order to have a schedule that allows them to provide care for a family member. 83% of freelancers believe the best days are ahead for freelancing, up from 77% last year. More than one-third of freelancers report demand for their services increased […]

Millennials Are The Highest Percentage Of The Sharing Economy

Geography: United States Research Source: Bloomberg —Date: October 2015 —Findings: Nearly 70% of sharing-economy workers are between the ages of 18 and 34, compared with just over a third of all the U.S. workforce 40% of people working in the sharing economy have earned a college degree and that the majority have at least some college experience. 40% of […]

Part-Time Freelancers More Likely To Quit Full-Time Jobs

Geography: United States, Canada —Research Source: Staples Advantage & —Date: June 2015 —Findings:  12% of Americans, and 20% of freelancers, said that they freelance part time in addition to their full-time job. Out of those percentages, 44% of Americans and Canadians would leave their full-time job to freelance full-time. 31% of Americans said that their top […]

Independent Workers In The On-Demand Economy

Geography: United States Research Source: MBO Partners —Date: April 2015 —Finding: 44% of Millennials, 32% of Generation Xers, 19% of Baby Boomers, and 5% of Matures are independent workers in the on-demand workplace, for platforms and marketplaces such as Etsy, Ebay, and 80% of respondents say their participation is part-time, while 68% report that it […]

Millennials Are Choosing To Work Part-Time Freelancing

Geography: United States Research Source: FlexJobs —Date: April 2015 —Finding: 40% of millennials ideally want to work part-time for one employer and 33% would work part-time with freelancing on the side. 67% value having a flexible schedule and 60% value working remotely all of the time. 34% want to work part-time for the next three to five […]

More Graduates Head Into The Freelancing World

Geography: United States Research Source: PeoplePerHour —Date: May 2014 —Finding: 97% of graduates registered as freelancers, a 110% increase for males and 94% increase for females. Recommendations: Many business professionals claim that now, more than ever, is the perfect time to start a business. More and more students are heading into self-employment and taking the risk […]

34% Of U.S. Workers Are Doing Freelance Work

Geography: United States Research Source: Freelancers Union —Date: September 2014 —Findings: 34% of U.S. workers are freelancing. 32% increase in demand for freelancers within the past year. 69% of freelancers report that technology makes it easier to find freelance work. 42% have done freelance work via the internet. 65% said freelancing as a career path is more respected […]

14% Of U.S. Workforce Made Up Of Freelancers

Geography: United States Research Source: SHRM —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 14% of the U.S. workforce is made up of freelance employees working as independent contractors. 30% is made up of nontraditional employment. 50% is the expected trajectory within the next 10 years. Recommendations: Learning to work with freelancers and create a freelance sector of employees is an important […]