Perks Hold High Importance In Job Selection

Geography: United States Research Source: Technology Advice —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 56% of employees feel that perks are “very” or “moderately” important when assessing a job. 31.8% consider a flexible schedule to be the most desired perk. 24.1% consider a gym membership to be the most desired perk. 56% would trade a salary increase for certain perks. Recommendations:  With today’s […]

Over Half Of Senior Workers Plan Delayed Retirement

Geography: United States Research Source: CareerBuilder —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 53% of workers age 60 or older are delaying retirement. 78% attribute the delay to household financial situations. 81% report that after retiring they will likely work part-time. 57% of private sector employers plan on hiring senior workers in 2015. Recommendations: Despite the economic recovery, most senior workers are […]

Interview: Gary Hamel On Business Strategy

Audio interview: Summary: In this interview, Gary Hamel discusses the three new challenges organizations have to deal with, how the internet is changing things, how companies can best attract the emerging worker, and more. About the interviewee: Gary Hamel has been on the faculty of the London Business School for nearly thirty years. He is the founder of […]

50% Of Job Seekers Today Consider Current Job A Placeholder

Geography: United States Research Source: Jobvite —Date: January 2015 —Findings: 60% of job-seekers are equally if not more optimistic about job opportunities. 45% are satisfied with their job but open to a new one. 50% see their current job as a placeholder until the next. 32% primarily leave a job if better compensation is offered elsewhere. 38% consider a […]

Millennials And Boomers Share Leadership Preferences

Geography: United States Research Source: IBM —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 50% of the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2020. 35% of boomers and millennials most want a boss who is ethical, fair and transparent with information. 27% of millennials never use their personal social media for business reasons. Recommendations: Nicknamed the “me generation,” millennials often […]

Most Employees Who Want Job Security Are Afraid Of Job Loss

Geography: United States Research Source: Towers Watson —Date: December 2014 —Findings: 29% of employees who would be attracted to another company due to job security consider the likelihood of job loss as a work related stress. 23% are attracted because they like stability. 25% are attracted because they feel financially unsatisfied and will take security in place of […]

Labor Force Participation At 62.7%

Geography: United States Research Source: Monster —Date: February 2015 —Findings: 62.7% labor force participation rate in December 2014 despite 5.6% unemployment rate. 65.7% labor force participation rate between 2008 and 2009. 40% of the labor force participation drop are due to teens from high-income households. Recommendations: Despite the shrinking percentage of unemployment in the United States, the participation of […]

Social Media And Mobile Tools Important For Recruiting

Geography: United States Research Source: ADP —Date: August 2013 —Findings: 33% of recruiters report an improvement in the impact of social media and mobile tools in the recruitment process. 75% feel social media has a moderate to great impact on talent acquisition. 70% of job seekers search for jobs on their mobile device. 44% of recruiters rated LinkedIn […]

Online Reputation Important For Workers

Geography: United States Research Source: Spherion —Date: December 2014 —Findings: 40% of employees use referrals to land a job. 33% use social media. 14% use classified advertising. 9% use a staffing or recruiting agency. 6% use professional associations or networking. 41% of employees consider location or the commute to be the largest deciding factor, other than salary, in joining a […]

Health Care Sector Execs In High Demand For 2015

Geography: Global Research Source: SHRM —Date: January 2015 —Findings: 29% of execs believe that executive positions in health care will be the highest in demand in 2015. 20% feel that it will be new media/social media. 19% believe that it will be energy. 18% believe that it will be cyber security/risk management. 14% believe it will be sales, […]