Technology’s Effect On The Future Of The Job Market

Geography: United States Research Source: Pew Research Center Date: June 2017 Findings:  The employment to population ratio is reduced by about 0.18-0.34% and wages by 0.25-0.5% with one additional robot per thousand workers. 87% of workers believe it will be essential for them to get training and develop new job skills throughout their work life in order to […]

How Many Divisions, Make Up A Nation

Geography: United States Research Source: Jobvite Date: June 2017 Findings:  37% of job seekers think job prospects will be worse in the coming years in light of the presidential administration — while 35% think they’ll be better. 46% of job seekers report that it was harder to find a job than last year. It was much harder for those […]

Job Market Sways In Favor Of Recent College Grads

Geography: United States Research Source: CareerBuilder Date: June 2017 Findings:  74% of employers say they plan to hire recent college graduates, up from 67% last year. 50% plan to offer recent college graduates higher pay than last year. 39% of employers hiring recent college graduates this year will pay a starting salary of $50,000 or more. The most demanded […]

More Employees Willing to Leave Their Current Jobs

Geography: United States Research Source: ADP Research Institute Date: June 2017 Findings:  Almost 2 of every 3 workers at mid-sized employers are open to leaving for another job. 46% of employees said that they would consider another job at their current salary or less, provided other expectations such as a better career path. In April, the proportion of small […]

Conforming To The Contingent Workforce

Geography: United States Research Source: Randstad Date: June 2017 Findings:  46% of companies are more committed to building an agile workforce model in 2016 than they were in 2012 (18%). 76% of companies use some form of agile worker today. On average, these workers comprise 30 percent of their workforces. Executives named the shortage of talent in the coming […]

Robots Do Replace Workers

Geography: United States Research Source: Daron Acemoglu of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Pascual Restrepo of Boston University Date: May 2017 Findings:  Recommendations: Robotics is nothing new in today’s day in age, but due to surging labor coast and technological revolutions, robots may soon be replacing employees at an alarming rate. Industries like Automobile manufacturing, chemical, and pharmaceuticals, […]

Information At The Fingertips Of Candidates

Geography: Global Research Source: ManpowerGroup Date: May 2017 Findings:  Globally, 28% of candidates surveyed reported having information about an employer’s brand pre- application. Norway, India, Sweden, Germany, Spain and Poland exceeded the global average – though candidates in Japan, Costa Rica, and Brazil report having significant less information. In the ve major markets for which year-over-year comparison data is […]

2017 Pew Research Center’s Recent Findings On Demographic Trends

Geography: Global Research Source: Pew Research Center Date: May 2017 Findings:  50% of U.S. adults were married in 2015, down from 70% in 1950. As marriage has declined, the number of cohabiting relationships (living with an unmarried partner) rose 29% between 2007 and 2016, from 14 million to 18 million. Women accounted for 46.8% of the U.S. labor force […]

Hiring Season Is Here! Get Ready For Some Competition!

Geography: United States Research Source: Career Builder Date: May 2017 Findings:  74% of employers say they plan to hire recent college graduates this year, up from 67% last year and the highest outlook since 2007. 50% of employers plan to offer recent college graduates higher pay than last year (compared to 37& last year), and 39 percent […]

College Hiring Increases As Classes Come To A Close

Geography: United States Research Source: NACE Date: May 2017 Findings:  Employers taking part in NACE’s annual Job Outlook survey reported they would hire 5.8% more new college graduates from the Class of 2017 than they hired from the Class of 2016. In comparison, last year at this time employers projected an 11 percent increase for 2016 graduates, although […]