How Much Were You Making At Your Old Job?

Geography: United States Research Source: PayScale Date: July 2017 Findings: Only 23% of candidates refused to disclose it: The more senior the position, the more likely a candidate is to be asked about salary history and the less likely they are to provide it. 43% of all respondents were asked about salary history in job interviews: Professionals in […]

Millennials Yearn For Financial Stability

Geography: United States Research Source: Voya Financial’s Annuities and Individual Life Date: July 2017 Findings: 56% of Millennials surveyed said they would opt to save their financial security over smartphones, cars or vacations. 20% of Boomers chose to keep their smartphone over financial security. While the majority (53%) of Americans prioritize financial security, on average, 45% of Americans preferred the […]

Lifetime Job Security: A Millennial Dream In Japan

Geography: Japan Research Source: Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training Date: July 2017 Findings: Young Japanese today face the best job market in a generation, with unemployment at a two-decade low of 2.8%. Last year only 6.9% of young Japanese, those aged 25 to 34, switched jobs. Among those in their 20s, 55% agreed with the idea of […]

How Banks Can Support Workforce Development

Geography: United States Research Source: Federal Reserve Bank of NY Date: July 2017

Engaging Workforce Development

Geography: United States Research Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Date: July 2017  

Companies Offering Student Loan Aid To Attract Talent

Geography: United States Research Source:  Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. Date: July 2017 Findings:  Nearly 73% of employers plan to offer student loan assistance to attract and recruit young talent. The average student loan borrower from the class of 2016 faces about $37,172 in debt according to Forbes. 33% of companies reported their workforce is currently comprised of between […]

Millennials Keep More Resolutions Than Any Other Generation

Geography: United States Research Source:  Leadership IQ Date: July 2017 Findings:  In 2015, 94% of millennials reported making personal improvement commitments(compared with 84% of Boomers and 81% of Gen Xers). 28% of millennials think their communication skills are better than their peers’ (in contrast to 42% of 50-year-olds who think so). Only 35% of Millennials think their writing […]

American’s Top Financial Concerns For 2017

Geography: United States Research Source: Gallup Date: June 2017 Findings:  A majority (54%) of U.S. adults surveyed said they’re either very (30%) or moderately (24%) worried about the inability to pay the medical costs in the event of a serious illness or accident, down from 60% the previous year. More than 8 in 10 said that $1,000 or less […]

Fiscal Worries Are Decreasing With Economic Stability

Geography: United States Research Source: Gallup Date: June 2017 Findings:  U.S. adults are most concerned about not having enough money for retirement and not being able to pay medical costs of a serious illness or accident, with 54% saying they are “very” or “moderately” worried about each. Americans also worry about not being able to pay the medical […]

Automation’s War On Retail

Geography: United States Research Source: Cornerstone Capital Group  Date: June 2017 Findings:  Between 6 million and 7.5 million retail industry jobs are vulnerable to automation within ten years. The jobs of as many as 47% of the 16 million Americans currently working in retail could be made redundant by highly-automated e-commerce and other innovations. While sales roles are just […]