—What we do:

WorkplaceTrends.com is a research and advisory membership service for forward-thinking HR professionals. We have a large database of research covering all aspects of HR, from recruiting to employee benefits to training and development. Through our primary research studies, and collection of secondary surveys, we are following the most important trends and then sharing them with our member companies as they happen. Our corporate members have access to a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, with real actionable advice. Our goal is to help our members prepare for the future of work, today.


To help every HR professional in the world become smarter and more effective at their job.


To have the most comprehensive body of workplace insights, becoming the top destination for forward-thinking HR professionals.

—Company values:

—Efficiency: We realize that professionals are busy so we aim to take the most important research, analyze it and provide it to you in a consumable format so you can make more informed decisions.

—Integrity: Our reputation is important to us so we ensure that all sources are cited and that we remain impartial as a company you can trust that is not swayed by any single organization.

—Influence: We strive to be thought leaders in the human capital space at all organizational levels by providing insights that create measurable outcomes.

—Community: We believe that every member is also a contributor to the greater whole and can multiply our impact.

—Innovation: We will continuously add new features, never settling for the status quo, with an eye for what creates the most value for you and your business.


Members get access to cutting edge information, derived from new research , so that they can continue to grow their workforce and make better business decisions. Access to this pertinent information will enable you to can adapt quickly to change, retain employees longer, and increase productivity throughout your organization. Each study is going to help you and your team stay on the cutting edge and be prepared for the future of work.

  • —Early access to exclusive research worth over $300,000 for the cost of a fraction of a single study.
  • —Highly personalized and action oriented format to meet the needs of busy HR professionals.
  • —Comprehensive curated database of HR information from a repository of over 6,000 studies and articles
  • —Recommendations based on new research
  • —Interviews with the top HR professionals and thought leaders globally
  • —Read actionable case studies that can be applied to your business.
  • —Weekly wrap-up of content on Friday’s keeping you up to date with what’s new.