White Paper: Gen Z and Millennials Collide @ Work

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Geography: United States

—Research Source: Future Workplace & Randstad

—Date: September 2016


In 2016, the workforce is undergoing a seismic change as 3.6 million Baby Boomers are set to retire, one-fourth of Millennial workers will take on management roles and Generation Z (those born between 1994 and 2010) has started to enter the workforce. Employers1 are likely to recall the impact that Millennials brought to the workplace due to their dramatically different perspectives about work. That adjustment is about to be magnified as Gen Z, who in many ways appears to be an exaggerated version of the Millennial cohort, radically alters the workplace.

Randstad and Future Workplace have studied Millennials (aka Generation Y) and Gen Z since 2014 when the two companies embarked on a groundbreaking survey that benchmarked the unique traits and workplace values of the next generations of talent. Now, in its second research initiative, Randstad and Future Workplace have uncovered remarkable new understandings of the two generations as they collide in the workplace for the first time.

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